Welcome to Pilates with Vigor!


Our fully equipped studio is the only Fletcher Pilates® studio in Dallas.  


Our unique boutique studio is located on lower Swiss Avenue in Old East Dallas. We are housed inside Vigor massage and personal training. 

We are centrally located near Downtown, Deep Ellum, Lakewood and easily accessible from major highways.

Pilates With Vigor is open for privates, duets, and trios

five days per week.


The international Pilates revolution owes much of its momentum to

Ron Fletcher - a 20 year student and protege of Joseph and Clara Pilates. 

Fletcher's organic, movement- based approach to the original Pilates method has inspired an entire generation of Pilates teachers and practitioners.

A Pilates Master Teacher, a well known author, and an esteemed Martha Graham dancer, amongst other achievements within Broadway - Ron Fletcher's refinement of the Pilates system of Body Contrology included elements of dance and brought the movement practice onto its' feet.  

Enjoy this video of Ron demonstrating "Ron's Clock", and be sure to note his "percussive breathing" which is a signature to Fletcher Pilates®

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3112 Swiss Avenue
Dallas, TX
75204, USA
(214) 327-6394
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